JAWS article at Blu-Ray.com

Robert Siegel from Blu-Ray.com contacted me a few weeks ago about an article he was working on about the new JAWS blu-ray edition. His article hit the web today, read it here.

Universal has remastered, frame by frame, the entire film under the supervision of Steven Spielberg. The release promises to become one of the best selling Blu-rays of the year. Added are new extra features and a remastered soundtrack, with the music score taken directly from the 35mm music stems. For this column, I have a co-writer. His name is Mike Smith and has been a Jaws fanatic (and I mean that in the best way) since the film was released. He has also worked within the industry to help create the new documentary on the release, “The Shark is Still Working.” Also of great help was renowned Jaws memorabilia collector Jim Beller, who owns what might be the largest collection of movie memorabilia for a single film. My heartfelt thanks to both of them for helping to make this column as good as I hope you will find it. So sit back, and take a trip down the Jaws memory lane. Don’t forget, on many graphics you may left click to enlarge them and on selected graphics, a double left click will make very small print easy to read.

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