Peter Benchley and Jim Beller

Jim Beller has been collecting items from the film JAWS since he was 9-years-old right after the film was released in 1975. Over the years, he has received questions and emails inquiring about JAWS items. This website contains his entire JAWS Collection with items from 1973 to the present.

This collection has been seen on Animal Planet’s Animal Icons JAWS Special, the JAWS Limited Edition 30th Anniversary European DVD Box Set, and was seen on Display at the 2005 Sitges International Film Festival in Sitges, Spain.

You can presently see selected items from this collection at Richard Ellis’ exhibit SHARK at the Museum Of Art Fort Lauderdale until January 2013.

See select items from this collection in the up-coming feature film ’77 and the up-coming documentary, The Shark is Still Working.


A big thank you to: My parents for taking me to see JAWS back in 1975 and for buying me JAWS items back then, Jef Nickerson, Joe Alves, Carl Gottlieb, Peter & Wendy Benchley, Jeffrey Kramer, Kristen Henshaw, Matt Taylor, Carrie Fyler, Paul McPhee, Richard Ellis, Tom Dunlop, Edith Blake, Lou & Yana Pisano, John Campopiano, Justin White, Peter Spadetti, Michael Smith, Eddie McCormack, Andrea Fix Lovering, Ian & Linsy Maloney, John Trainer, Pat Delaney, John Konrardy, Brannon Carty, Greg Nicotero, Bill Wieger, Danny Miller, Jamie Benning, Jonathan Beller, Dana Goudreault, Patty Gencarelli, Rick Mello, Sharon Mello, Tommy Mello, Dan Parks, Douglas Kennedy, John Minella, John Guilfoyle, Brad Libbey, Dale Cuthbertson, Phil Heeks, Randy Wickersham, Andy Soltysiak, Melanie Englert, Ann Pope, Christopher Franchi, Patrick Courtney, Richard White, Courtney Dennis, Sean Bishop, Lillian Hammond, Kurtis Root, Todd Root, Becki Reiner, Linda Delatoore, Lee Vayo, Jim Brooks, Dave Caplette, Carol Koser, Rudy Franchi, Jake Gove, Jane Peter, and ebay.