I’ll be guiding a film locations bus tour during JAWSfest: The Tribute

JAWSfest Tour

Okay, I’ve had many Facebook Private messages and emails in the last few days asking me if I was doing a JAWS Locations Tour around Martha’s Vineyard during “JAWSfest: The Tribute” on Saturday, August 11th. And my answer has been… Yes! I’ll be doing a ONE TIME ONLY Two Hour JAWS Location Bus Tour. You can get your tickets here.

This is the ONLY time that I’ll be showing fellow JAWS fans around the island so don’t miss the bus and get your tickets before the tour sells out!

Limited Edition Narragansett 1975 beer cans out now, just like Quint used to drink

Available now for a limited time NARRAGANSETT BEER has released 1975 Retro design cans!

It is the same can that Quint crushes in JAWS. To celebrate, they are running a “Crush It Like Quint” contest. Recreate the memorable scene to the best of your ability with this can. Snap a photo or even make a video and send it to them.

At the end of the summer, the best and most creative “Crush It Like Quint” entry will win their very own BluRay copy of the film, JAWS!

Make sure you use the hashtag #CrushItLikeQuint when posting to Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr so they can find it. You can even post it on their Facebook wall or email them.

Portion of the collection currently on view in Fort Lauderdale

Some items from my collection are currently on display at the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Items are on display as part of a special exhibition called SHARK curated by famed marine conservationist, author, and painter Richard Ellis.

If you find yourself in the Fort Lauderdale area be sure to check it out!

Photo by JonathanBeller.com

The JAWS Log re-release due August 7th

The JAWS LogCarl Gottlieb’s classic book is being re-released again on August 7th!

Gottlieb had this to say about the re-release:

Shameless self-promotion and thanks to Universal Studios – here’s the cover of the newly printed edition of THE JAWS LOG; note enthusiastic blurbs and original art from 1st issue of the movie & the novel. Thrilled that HarperCollins and It Books are publishing this best-selling, reliable, and contemporaneous memoir.

A tribute to the BluRay DVD reissue. Indeed, “The Shark is Still Working!”

Best-selling book about the making of a movie EVER. Still.

I’m stoked.

Pre-order your copy now from Barnes & Noble.